Sunday, 15 September 2013

Me - smile :)

If you see me, you will almost always see a smile on my face. Not a fake smile I really try my very best to be happy and make the people around me happy. Life is too short not to smile. And when I can make someone smile it highlights my day. Everyone goes through their own struggles everyday, some people talk about it and others hide it. No matter what your struggle is I just want a moment of your time I just want to make you laugh or smile.

I have been faced with moments in my life where I just wanted to give up and let go of life. And many times I have drowned myself in alcohol or attention. People would tell me that my mistakes are small and there are much worse situations i could be in. That doesn't help it used to make me feel guilty, I can't help being sad. What did help me is writing about what I am going through or going out of a walk, giving someone a compliment, making someone smile.

You have to work through your mistakes and face them. Never give up. At the end people will remember you for your perseverance and your smile throughout.

Smile to life! <3

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